The Natural Park of Corsica

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The Natural Park of Corsica is located on the French island, in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a wonderful reservation, that has managed to restore and protect many of the fauna and flora elements of the local habitat. The natural reservation in Corsica is so large that it covers around 40% of the surface of the island. Visitors come here throughout the year and all the trips to the Island of Corsica must have a nature filled experience at the Natural Park. There are many interesting things to see in Corsica, places to visit and festivals to attend. The Natural Park of Corsica is one of the most appreciated touristic attractions on the island, as it is very much appreciated not just by nature lovers, but also by all other visitors.

As the natural park covers such a great part of the Island of Corsica, there are around 145 communes that have been included in the surface and that participate in the natural conservation process. The 145 communes have been divided into the following regions: Falasorma Marsulinu, Caccia Ghjunsani, Niolu, Castagniccia, Centru di Corsica, Fium’Orbu, Alta Rocca, Taravu Bastelica, Gravona, Cruzinu Dui Sorru and Dui Sevi. These are centered on various communities, which have the purpose to protect the endangered species of wildlife and plants from their area of supervision.

The Nature Park first opened in 1972. Since then, it has expanded to include the natural habitats that have not been affected by human occupation. The Golfe de Porto is one of the park regions most appreciated by tourists. In addition to this, the Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the most reputed natural preservation spots. Scandola is very difficult to access and it has been included on the list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the most amazing species that can be seen in the park in Corsica are: the Mouflon, the Corsican Red Deer, the Corsican Nuthatch, the Corsican Fire Salamander and the Brook Salamander. All these amazing animal species and numerous other plant exemplars inhabit the beautiful landscapes of the Natural Park of Corsica.

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