Where To Go And What To Visit While In Corsica

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Planning your trip to Corsica should also include a list with things to see and do while visiting the island. This is why we have for you complete information on the most important attractions that you should not miss while in Corsica. In the north-west of Corsica is La Balagne, a beautiful area of the island. In this area you can visit Algajola, an old fishing village, Aregna, Calenzana, Calvi with its June jazz festival, Cargese, Corbora -- an old Franciscan convent, Costa, Girolata, Ile Rousse, Montemaggiore, Olmi-Capella to enjoy a walk with the donkeys, Pigna, Ponte Leccia, Porto Piana, Sant’Antonino and Scandola, to admire a beautiful reserve. In the north-east of Corsica there are Saint Florent and Cap Corse with other gorgeous places to see: Saint Florent, Patrimonia, Furiani with a splendid old brewery, Morosaglia, Piedecoce, Aleria, Castello with a haunted castle, Centuri, Erbalunga, Nonza and Rogliani.

In the south-west of Corsica there are other amazing attractions: Ajaccio, Porticcio with an amazing beach, Sartene, Olmeto, Baracci with its thermal sprins, Caldane, Campomoro, Porto Pollo, Filitosa, Levie, Sta Lucie de Tallano, Fozzano, Santa-Maria-Figaniella with an amazing 12th century church, Cucuruzzu, Zoza and Carbini. Corsica is filled with beautiful places that few people now, but if you are planning to spend an extended holiday there, you should take time to see all the important places of it. In the south-east of Corsica do not miss: Bonifacio, Bavella, I’Ospendale, Porto Vecchio with its impressing Place de la Republique, Chera, San Quilico and the impressive Casteddu’ d’Araghju.

In the center of Corsica there are amazing places. Visit Corte and take a walk on the Citadel, Evisa and its waterfall named Cascade d’Evisa, Vivario with its own attraction -- Fort de Pasciolo, Carbini, to admire the ancient bell tower, Levie with its beautiful history museum, Sta Lucie de Tallano, because it is a lovely old village, with an olive oil mill and a 15th century convenit named Couvent de Saint-Francis and Zicavu, where you can also enjoy a beautiful ancient village. Corsica is amazing, you just need enough time to fully enjoy it while visiting.

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