The Wines Of Corsica

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There are many reasons why more people should visit Corsica and one of them is wine. Through the winery history that is backing up this amazing island, it is no wonder that some of the most appreciated European wines are made here. The variations of the Corsica wines are based on the two major traditional influences -- French and Italian. As the island of Corsica is part of the territorial collectivity of France, the influences are easily understandable, just as the proximity to Italy is a factor that brings in more nuances. As a result, Corsica is one of the places in which the most amazing types of wines are created.

There are several wine making regions on the island of Corsica. On a map, anyone can see that the wineries and vineyards are located along the coast in various parts of the island for the most part, but there are some rather smaller locations in the interior of the island as well. The Patrimonio region of Corsica is the place in which wines are made out of the Nielluccio grape. The Sciacarello grapes are made in the Ajaccio region. The Vin de Corse region is the most important one, as it creates around 45% of the entire production of the island. Lastly, the Muscat du Cap Corse region is the one to produce sweet dessert wines. There are other regions, in addition to the ones presented, that have been formed in the areas of the initial ones.

Tourism on the base of the Corsica wine is a great option for many people. A vacation tour here will ensure gaining more knowledge on the entire process of making wine from the first to the last minor details. In addition to this, tastings can be planned for the visit of the tourists, with the possibility of purchasing bottles from the wines you liked the most. Corsica is an amazing island that should be visited for many reasons and in the view of many purposes. Wine making and vineyards are just some of the elements that gather numerous tourists here every year.

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