Best Restaurants In Corsica

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If you plan to visit the beautiful island of Corsica, there is one thing you need to take into consideration, besides the classic attractions that you can find in all the tourist guides: restaurants. Corsica is famous for its food, so don’t miss the chance to taste the best of the best. In order to help you choose the best places where to enjoy your meals while on this gorgeous French island, we prepared a small guide of what we consider to be the 5 best restaurants in Corsica. Of course, it’s up to you if you will visit them or not, but you should at least know what you may miss.

Le Papacionu

A huge calzone that you can serve here

Try to ask all the people you meet about the best pizza in Corsica and you will only get one answer: Le Papacionu. Located in Ajaccio, in a quiet and charming area of Corsica, this is the best Italian restaurant you can find here and you’d better not miss it because eating in it is a true experience.

Akeru Sushi

A tray with the specialties of the house

This restaurant offering Japanese specialties is a small family business, but the experience you can have in it is amazing. The food is always fresh and tasty and the seafood dishes are absolutely delicious. The establishment is located in Ajaccio, in a wonderful area of the town.


Grilled fish, a dish you must try

While at Neptune, another establishment from Ajaccio, you need to try the grilled fish first. You will find the restaurant easily because it is located close to the city center, so don’t forget to start with this specialty. If you are not decided what delicacy of the Corsican cuisine you need to try next, you should ask the staff, which will happily recommend you something.

Chez Antoine

Oysters Rockefeller, one of the best dishes in the menu

With a great location in Tizzano and a mouth-watering seafood menu, this eatery will welcome you in the best manner. Choose something you never tried and enjoy the best of the Corsican cuisine, while sipping a glass of cold wine from the region.

A Nepita

Fresh sea-bass with asparagus

This sophisticated eatery is one of the places you need to take your better half if you want to cause a great impression. Considered one of the best restaurants in Corsica, A Nepita represents one of the best surprises of Ajaccio.

See and taste Corsica and make sure your vacation will be one you will never forget. Enjoy a few sunny days here and life will seem much more beautiful all of a sudden.

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