Best Restaurants In Corsica

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If you plan to visit the beautiful island of Corsica, there is one thing you need to take into consideration, besides the classic attractions that you can find in all the tourist guides: restaurants. Corsica is famous for its food, so don’t miss the chance to taste the best of the best. In order to help you choose the best places where to enjoy your meals while on this gorgeous French island, we prepared a small guide of what we consider to be the 5 best restaurants in Corsica. Of course, it’s up to you if you will visit them or not, but you should at least know what you may miss.

Le Papacionu

A huge calzone that you can serve here

Try to ask all the people you meet about the best pizza in Corsica and you will only get one answer: Le Papacionu. Located in Ajaccio, in a quiet and charming area of Corsica, this is the best Italian restaurant you can find here and you’d better not miss it because eating in it is a true experience.

Akeru Sushi

A tray with the specialties of the house

This restaurant offering Japanese specialties is a small family business, but the experience you can have in it is amazing. The food is always fresh and tasty and the seafood dishes are absolutely delicious. The establishment is located in Ajaccio, in a wonderful area of the town.


Grilled fish, a dish you must try

While at Neptune, another establishment from Ajaccio, you need to try the grilled fish first. You will find the restaurant easily because it is located close to the city center, so don’t forget to start with this specialty. If you are not decided what delicacy of the Corsican cuisine you need to try next, you should ask the staff, which will happily recommend you something.

Chez Antoine

Oysters Rockefeller, one of the best dishes in the menu

With a great location in Tizzano and a mouth-watering seafood menu, this eatery will welcome you in the best manner. Choose something you never tried and enjoy the best of the Corsican cuisine, while sipping a glass of cold wine from the region.

A Nepita

Fresh sea-bass with asparagus

This sophisticated eatery is one of the places you need to take your better half if you want to cause a great impression. Considered one of the best restaurants in Corsica, A Nepita represents one of the best surprises of Ajaccio.

See and taste Corsica and make sure your vacation will be one you will never forget. Enjoy a few sunny days here and life will seem much more beautiful all of a sudden.

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The Delicious Cuisine Of Corsica

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Corsica is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The French island is located closer to Italy than to France and is considered a region. Until 1769, for a brief period of time, Corsica was an independent republic, so if you will visit it, you will have the chance to see a beautiful blend of Italian and French traditions, both mixed in a wonderful manner on the island. The place is filled with attractions, so you will not have the slightest chance to get bored on the island. What you really have to take advantage of when visiting Corsica is the food. The Corsican cuisine is delicious and healthy and at least in the vacation, you should take advantage of this and really have 3 meals in one day.


When it comes about food, Corsica is heaven. If you wonder what Corsicans eat, just wait and see. The pork is wonderful in the region, especially in the area of Castagniccia where pigs are gorged with fallen chestnuts. The ham is delicious and although you may not find ham with chopped onion and garlic in fancy restaurants, you should give it a try in a farmers’ market. The spices on it are delicious and served in combination with hard boiled eggs and crusty bread it’s just wonderful.


If pork is not your favorite, you can also try dishes with lamb, goat or veal. The selection is delicious, but you have to be curious enough to taste what you never had. Many dishes are served with polenta and with a red wine sauce which gives the meat a splendid flavor.


For the healthiest possible diet you need to try seafood and fish. Soup de Poisson for example is a wonderful dish based on fish, cheese and garlic. The mussels are also wonderful cooked and their taste is amazing. These dishes of the Corsican cuisine are not just tasty, but also perfect for a good diet.


The Corsincan cuisine is also about cheese. The incomparable cheeses come in large varieties, you just have to find something that you are curious to try. Some are soft and white, some are more mature, but all the cheeses you can enjoy in Corsica are more than delicious.


And of course, you should not forget about the sweets that you can indulge on the island. Forget about the diet at least while you are in Corsica because the desserts prepared in this French heaven are more than fabulous. Try the traditional Fiadone, a cheesecake which comes flambé to the table and you will never forget its taste.


As you can see, Corsica is not just a beautiful place where you can relax and visit new areas, but also a wonderful places for gourmands to enjoy a magnificent holiday. The Corsican cuisine is to die for, so if you decide the visit the lovely French island, do not set back from trying anything that looks appetizing.

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Corsica Is A Vivid And Beautiful Place

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Corsica is a wonderful tourist destination located in the Mediterranean Sea, in France. This beautiful island is one of the 27 regions of France and home to many attractions. Its beauty is indescribable, so the best way to know it is to visit it. It has a long and fascinating history, so you will find out a lot of things about the past of this amazing place. One of the most important and popular attractions is a natural park named Parc Naturel Regional de Corse, which is home to rare animal and plant species and it was created in 1972, so such a venue is a must. There are many other entertainment facilities and a lot of amazing places that you should visit here. Its incredible beaches are very clean and the color of the water is incredible, so you will definitely love such a wonderful landscape and can also walk on the beach, sunbathe, swim and have a great time.

This amazing island is also known for its vineyards and wines, for its events, culture, art and architecture. In addition, don’t miss out Calanche Cliffs, Route de Bavella, Isles Lavezzi, Bonifacio Citadel, Saleccia Beach, Calvi Citadel, as well as Palombaggia Beach, National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence, Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serra and many others. Here are numerous interesting places to visit that it will be difficult to decide which of them to choose. Nonetheless, you will need a lot of time to explore this place, so the best thing is to make a list ahead with the venues that you want to visit.

Corsica is also known for its amazing food and restaurants. The diversity is incredible, so you can try anything you want. For example, you can try brousse, which is a cow milk alternative, or cured meats, smoked ham, black pudding, cheese, liver sausage and a lot of other dishes. Corsica is a vivid place where you never get bored, so it will be pretty difficult for you to return home. Nonetheless, you can come here anytime you want and have a great time with friends or with your family. Every time you will come back on this island, you will definitely discover something new and impressive. The atmosphere is amazing and very welcoming, so a great time is ensured. In addition, don’t forget to buy souvenirs as you will find a lot and your friends will be amazed by these wonderful gifts.

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The Wines Of Corsica

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There are many reasons why more people should visit Corsica and one of them is wine. Through the winery history that is backing up this amazing island, it is no wonder that some of the most appreciated European wines are made here. The variations of the Corsica wines are based on the two major traditional influences -- French and Italian. As the island of Corsica is part of the territorial collectivity of France, the influences are easily understandable, just as the proximity to Italy is a factor that brings in more nuances. As a result, Corsica is one of the places in which the most amazing types of wines are created.

There are several wine making regions on the island of Corsica. On a map, anyone can see that the wineries and vineyards are located along the coast in various parts of the island for the most part, but there are some rather smaller locations in the interior of the island as well. The Patrimonio region of Corsica is the place in which wines are made out of the Nielluccio grape. The Sciacarello grapes are made in the Ajaccio region. The Vin de Corse region is the most important one, as it creates around 45% of the entire production of the island. Lastly, the Muscat du Cap Corse region is the one to produce sweet dessert wines. There are other regions, in addition to the ones presented, that have been formed in the areas of the initial ones.

Tourism on the base of the Corsica wine is a great option for many people. A vacation tour here will ensure gaining more knowledge on the entire process of making wine from the first to the last minor details. In addition to this, tastings can be planned for the visit of the tourists, with the possibility of purchasing bottles from the wines you liked the most. Corsica is an amazing island that should be visited for many reasons and in the view of many purposes. Wine making and vineyards are just some of the elements that gather numerous tourists here every year.

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Where To Go And What To Visit While In Corsica

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Planning your trip to Corsica should also include a list with things to see and do while visiting the island. This is why we have for you complete information on the most important attractions that you should not miss while in Corsica. In the north-west of Corsica is La Balagne, a beautiful area of the island. In this area you can visit Algajola, an old fishing village, Aregna, Calenzana, Calvi with its June jazz festival, Cargese, Corbora -- an old Franciscan convent, Costa, Girolata, Ile Rousse, Montemaggiore, Olmi-Capella to enjoy a walk with the donkeys, Pigna, Ponte Leccia, Porto Piana, Sant’Antonino and Scandola, to admire a beautiful reserve. In the north-east of Corsica there are Saint Florent and Cap Corse with other gorgeous places to see: Saint Florent, Patrimonia, Furiani with a splendid old brewery, Morosaglia, Piedecoce, Aleria, Castello with a haunted castle, Centuri, Erbalunga, Nonza and Rogliani.

In the south-west of Corsica there are other amazing attractions: Ajaccio, Porticcio with an amazing beach, Sartene, Olmeto, Baracci with its thermal sprins, Caldane, Campomoro, Porto Pollo, Filitosa, Levie, Sta Lucie de Tallano, Fozzano, Santa-Maria-Figaniella with an amazing 12th century church, Cucuruzzu, Zoza and Carbini. Corsica is filled with beautiful places that few people now, but if you are planning to spend an extended holiday there, you should take time to see all the important places of it. In the south-east of Corsica do not miss: Bonifacio, Bavella, I’Ospendale, Porto Vecchio with its impressing Place de la Republique, Chera, San Quilico and the impressive Casteddu’ d’Araghju.

In the center of Corsica there are amazing places. Visit Corte and take a walk on the Citadel, Evisa and its waterfall named Cascade d’Evisa, Vivario with its own attraction -- Fort de Pasciolo, Carbini, to admire the ancient bell tower, Levie with its beautiful history museum, Sta Lucie de Tallano, because it is a lovely old village, with an olive oil mill and a 15th century convenit named Couvent de Saint-Francis and Zicavu, where you can also enjoy a beautiful ancient village. Corsica is amazing, you just need enough time to fully enjoy it while visiting.

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Corsica – A Heavenly Place

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Corsica, a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The huge number of visitors and their opinion about Corsica are the best proof that such a destination should be the next one on your list. Corsica is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, so you will have interesting places to visit and discover. Apart from a rich culture and an interesting history, Corsica has many others things to offer to its tourists. Corsica cuisine is fantastic. Here are lots of amazing places to have delicious meals. The food is great that you would want more. Try as many restaurants as you can while you are in Corsica. The staff is nice, friendly and the food diversity is impressive.

Corsica is popular for its amazing landscapes. It is beyond fabulous to see how the blue colors of the sky and water entwine with the green areas and nice buildings. The island provides many shops, fun and recreation opportunities. Numerous gift shops, as well as scuba diving, swimming and many other water sports facilities are also available. In Corsica, both kids and adults can have fun. You can also visit many towns around it and explore the area as much as you want.

Parks, museums, as well as many events and an active nightclub life make this island a famous location. Corsica is a place for all tourists. Anyone visiting this place will find something nice to do. Such a destination is great for relaxing and admiring the natural beauties. A trip here boosts your energy level and helps you get rid of problems and stress. The beauty of this place will catch your eyes, so you feel great. Visiting castles and going shopping are also possible in Corsica, so any tourist will find something interesting to do. You will fall in love with this spot and with its natural beauties. All those who have visited this place before, have only great memories and plan to return. Such a heavenly place is a highly recommended destination, so you should visit it, too.

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The Natural Park of Corsica

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The Natural Park of Corsica is located on the French island, in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a wonderful reservation, that has managed to restore and protect many of the fauna and flora elements of the local habitat. The natural reservation in Corsica is so large that it covers around 40% of the surface of the island. Visitors come here throughout the year and all the trips to the Island of Corsica must have a nature filled experience at the Natural Park. There are many interesting things to see in Corsica, places to visit and festivals to attend. The Natural Park of Corsica is one of the most appreciated touristic attractions on the island, as it is very much appreciated not just by nature lovers, but also by all other visitors.

As the natural park covers such a great part of the Island of Corsica, there are around 145 communes that have been included in the surface and that participate in the natural conservation process. The 145 communes have been divided into the following regions: Falasorma Marsulinu, Caccia Ghjunsani, Niolu, Castagniccia, Centru di Corsica, Fium’Orbu, Alta Rocca, Taravu Bastelica, Gravona, Cruzinu Dui Sorru and Dui Sevi. These are centered on various communities, which have the purpose to protect the endangered species of wildlife and plants from their area of supervision.

The Nature Park first opened in 1972. Since then, it has expanded to include the natural habitats that have not been affected by human occupation. The Golfe de Porto is one of the park regions most appreciated by tourists. In addition to this, the Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the most reputed natural preservation spots. Scandola is very difficult to access and it has been included on the list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the most amazing species that can be seen in the park in Corsica are: the Mouflon, the Corsican Red Deer, the Corsican Nuthatch, the Corsican Fire Salamander and the Brook Salamander. All these amazing animal species and numerous other plant exemplars inhabit the beautiful landscapes of the Natural Park of Corsica.

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Corsica – The Ideal Holiday Destination

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Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea, located west of Italy and south-east of the French mainland. Although Corsica is separated from the continental mainland by the Ligurian Sea and is closer to Italy than to France, from a political point of view, Corsica is part of Metropolitan France. One of the aspects for which Corsica is famous is the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was born here. People who come here can also visit his ancestral house, Casa Buonaparte. Corsica is known throughout the world for its beautiful landscapes, the astonishing seascape and absolutely delicious cuisine. Corsica has long been a rough diamond until more recently. Here are some interesting facts about Corsica that make this place a great holiday destination.

The Cuisine. From the mountains to the sea area, the many ingredients and the natural vegetables and fruit play an important part in the Corsican cuisine. Game dishes such as wild boar is very popular in Corsica. There is also the seafood and river fish, such as trout. Chestnuts are the main ingredients when it comes to cooking polenta. The beverages are also exquisite here, ranging from brandy, red and white Corsican wines, muscat and the famous cap corse. 

Corsica was home to some of the exotic animals back in the Palaeolithic and Pleistocene era. After humans appeared in the Mesolithic era, these animals have slowly disappeared, mainly because of the humans’ hunting them down. Many species still managed to survive the Mesolithic era and many of them are actually recorded in the modern and contemporary history.

The scenery and landscapes in Corsica are just great. You have the opportunity to go sailing out in the sea. It will be nothing like you have ever experienced before. You can go round the island, or visit the Gulf of Sagone, which is a wonderfully built curvy sand beach that stretches until Capo di Feno and Punto di Cargese. Corsica is a wonderful place that should be on every tourist’s must-see list.

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Choose Corsica for a Perfect Holiday

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When planning a holiday, most people have a difficult time choosing a destination. This can be very challenging, as there are so many places worth seeing all around the world. Corsica, however, should not be missed. This gorgeous French island will impress everyone, and it will offer the perfect holiday to whoever visits it. With more than 1000 km of coast and around 200 beaches, Corsica provides spectacular sights, that will take your breath away. Although the economy of the island is mainly based on tourism, Corsica still knew how to maintain its charm.

The natural beauties you will see in Corsica are hard to be topped by any other Mediterranean place. No wonder, thus, that Corsica was nicknamed ‘Island of Beauty’. Besides the numerous activities provided by the sea, Corsica will also please its tourists with hiking trails, like the famous GR 20. Water sports are, however, preferred by most visitors. This is because most people choose to visit Corsica in the summer season, more precisely in August, when the weather is sunny, but it is not too hot outside. They can enjoy scuba diving and sailing, but also fishing, birdwatching, swimming and kayaking. In Corsica, you could also lay on the beach all day long, without being disturbed by anyone or anything. Corsica is a wonderful destination if you want to get away from the big city, because it offers many exotic, quiet and secluded places.

For the ones eager to have fun, Corsica is also the perfect choice. Corsica is filled with charming towns which offer a variety of night life possibilities. The most popular city in Corsica is Bonifacio, as it is preferred especially by young people, due to the wide array of entertainment options and venues that it offers. Those who want to admire the nature should also come to Corsica, because they will find here many reserves and parks worth exploring. No matter your lifestyle and personality, though, Corsica will impress you with its unique culture and warm people. It becomes obvious that you must choose Corsica if you want to have a perfect holiday, that you will never forget.

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Corsica Impressed Even My Dainty Friends

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Corsica is a  French island and I must confess I had a marvelous time there! I wanted a holiday destination that could offer me beautiful places where I can walk, meditate, take photos, but I also wanted a place with an interesting culture and with nice people. Corsica was everything I wanted at that moment and I have no reasons to regret my decision of vising this beautiful island. If you also look for relaxation, for fun or for delicious food, you can find all these in Corsica.

Corsica looks almost as paradise and I could not even picture it before arriving, so is very beautiful and you will feel closer to heaven. Corsica is a magical place and visiting it you will feel as if you were in a fairytale. It has hot summers and mild winters, so it is suitable for several entertainment ways of spending time. This place hosts numerous tourists every year, so you can be sure the tourism services are of high quality. During my holiday in Corsica I had the opportunity to taste the local food and to visit the beautiful and clean beaches. Even celebrities visit Corsica, so it is a wise choice and you will be mazed by the natural beauties of this place.

I had the opportunity to relax, to meet new people, to find out interesting things about the local culture and history, so I had a great time. I also took photos and I visited the numerous parks, monuments and I was very impressed. In Corsica, accommodation is not a problem, you will find affordable prices, but also luxury ones, depending on your budget. If you seek adventure, clubs or relaxation, you will find them all here. You will feel great and relaxed when you will see the beautiful blue waters. Sailing, trying different local food, visiting castles are other nice ways of spending your time. When I arrived, I showed my dainty friends the pictures I took in Corsica and they were breathless. After I told them all the nice things you can do there, they instantly said it will be their next holiday destination.

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