Choose Corsica for a Perfect Holiday

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When planning a holiday, most people have a difficult time choosing a destination. This can be very challenging, as there are so many places worth seeing all around the world. Corsica, however, should not be missed. This gorgeous French island will impress everyone, and it will offer the perfect holiday to whoever visits it. With more than 1000 km of coast and around 200 beaches, Corsica provides spectacular sights, that will take your breath away. Although the economy of the island is mainly based on tourism, Corsica still knew how to maintain its charm.

The natural beauties you will see in Corsica are hard to be topped by any other Mediterranean place. No wonder, thus, that Corsica was nicknamed ‘Island of Beauty’. Besides the numerous activities provided by the sea, Corsica will also please its tourists with hiking trails, like the famous GR 20. Water sports are, however, preferred by most visitors. This is because most people choose to visit Corsica in the summer season, more precisely in August, when the weather is sunny, but it is not too hot outside. They can enjoy scuba diving and sailing, but also fishing, birdwatching, swimming and kayaking. In Corsica, you could also lay on the beach all day long, without being disturbed by anyone or anything. Corsica is a wonderful destination if you want to get away from the big city, because it offers many exotic, quiet and secluded places.

For the ones eager to have fun, Corsica is also the perfect choice. Corsica is filled with charming towns which offer a variety of night life possibilities. The most popular city in Corsica is Bonifacio, as it is preferred especially by young people, due to the wide array of entertainment options and venues that it offers. Those who want to admire the nature should also come to Corsica, because they will find here many reserves and parks worth exploring. No matter your lifestyle and personality, though, Corsica will impress you with its unique culture and warm people. It becomes obvious that you must choose Corsica if you want to have a perfect holiday, that you will never forget.

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