Corsica Is A Vivid And Beautiful Place

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Corsica is a wonderful tourist destination located in the Mediterranean Sea, in France. This beautiful island is one of the 27 regions of France and home to many attractions. Its beauty is indescribable, so the best way to know it is to visit it. It has a long and fascinating history, so you will find out a lot of things about the past of this amazing place. One of the most important and popular attractions is a natural park named Parc Naturel Regional de Corse, which is home to rare animal and plant species and it was created in 1972, so such a venue is a must. There are many other entertainment facilities and a lot of amazing places that you should visit here. Its incredible beaches are very clean and the color of the water is incredible, so you will definitely love such a wonderful landscape and can also walk on the beach, sunbathe, swim and have a great time.

This amazing island is also known for its vineyards and wines, for its events, culture, art and architecture. In addition, don’t miss out Calanche Cliffs, Route de Bavella, Isles Lavezzi, Bonifacio Citadel, Saleccia Beach, Calvi Citadel, as well as Palombaggia Beach, National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence, Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serra and many others. Here are numerous interesting places to visit that it will be difficult to decide which of them to choose. Nonetheless, you will need a lot of time to explore this place, so the best thing is to make a list ahead with the venues that you want to visit.

Corsica is also known for its amazing food and restaurants. The diversity is incredible, so you can try anything you want. For example, you can try brousse, which is a cow milk alternative, or cured meats, smoked ham, black pudding, cheese, liver sausage and a lot of other dishes. Corsica is a vivid place where you never get bored, so it will be pretty difficult for you to return home. Nonetheless, you can come here anytime you want and have a great time with friends or with your family. Every time you will come back on this island, you will definitely discover something new and impressive. The atmosphere is amazing and very welcoming, so a great time is ensured. In addition, don’t forget to buy souvenirs as you will find a lot and your friends will be amazed by these wonderful gifts.

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